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Central Saskatchewan’s Earth Moving Experts

GCL’s Fleet

Garry’s Construction Limited is located about sixty kilometers from North Battleford in Saskatchewan, in the village of Edam, amidst heavy oilfield development. They primarily provide services in oil and gas site and lease preparation, in addition to roadwork and highway construction and subdivisions. Some years ago, GCL added potash site work to their services, with site work similar to oil sites, but larger in dimension.

The company was founded by Garry Poole, becoming an official ‘Limited’ operation in 1974. Starting off with one Terex motor scraper and a couple of employees, he worked around the clock and expanded the business over the years, increasing the personnel and equipment. In the early 1980s, when oil came to his small town, the company launched into the oil and gas business, building lease sites; and, by the early 1990s, it had become the chief service demand. Garry’s son Treverr had embarked on his own backhoe business at a young age, but joined forces with his father as the lease preparation work escalated.

Garry has retired, but is very much still a part of the business. Like his father, Treverr ‘lives with his work’ and now heads the company, grown to over fifty employees and a substantial fleet of equipment. GCL has been awarded major contracts, on the basis of their experience, capacity, and high safety standards.

Track Dozers
  • 6-D8T
  • 2-D7RXR
  • 6-D6TXW
  • 3-D6TLGP
  • 6-JD850JWLT
  • 1-JD850JLGP
  • 1-D6NLGP
  • 1-JD750JLGP
  • 2-Cat 627H
  • 1-Cat 627G
  • 2- Cat 627F
  • 2-Quadtrack w/Ashlund pulltype
  • 1-Terex TS14B
Hydraulic Excavators
  • 2-Komatsu PC290-10 w/thumb
  • 3-Komatsu PC270-8 w/ thumb
  • 1-Cat 329E
  • 1-Cat 325CL w/thumb
Articulated Dump Trucks
  • 2-JD300D


  • 1-Cat 140H
  • 2-Cat 160H
  • 1 Cat 14H
  • 1-JD872D
  • 1-JD872GP


  •  2-CatCP56 Padfoot
  •  1-CatCP76 Padfoot
  •  1-Hamm 3412 Padfoot
  •  1-Ingersol Smooth Drum
  •  1-Cat 815B
  •  3-Pulltype Sheepfoot
Rubber Tire loader BHoe
  •  1-Cat 420D
  •  1-JD410K
Tractor trailer units
  •  3-KW T800 w/jeep tri/a lowbeds